Become The Solution, Not The Problem

100% Sustainable

Morphosis company has been established to offer Eco-Friendly clothes into the active wear market due to our commitment to save the Earth. Unfortunately, you may see some brands which tell you that their clothes are environment-friendly or made with sustainable methods but they are not, in fact.

Why? Because often they don’t care how the workers are working in the production line and how they feel; or what type of energy sources are using in production or how they are packed and how the shipping goes.


Our clothes are made of recycled pet bottles/fabrics and Organic cotton (according to their use) within a production chain their our producer follows the strict certification system which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Textile Exchange (TE) which makes us sure that the whole production chain follows eco-friendly methods, taking care of the environment and is fairly paid. On top, our production chain in Turkey, which known with a high-quality clothing level; and much less carbon footprint we generate for the transport of our goods, too.

We know that the best way to become a friend of the environment is to reuse the resources/items we already made. That’s why Morphosis was established to be the solution and not the problem. The problems are enormous, but the solution is simple = Recycle the materials, and be natural, make it “organic”.

Package & Shipping

We have to use a package to protect the goods until they arrive at you. To generate as little as possible impact, our clothes are packed with thin PE bags with “Der Grüne Punkt” certification. This makes us sure that even the packaging is followed and made with sustainable packaging methods, of course recyclable.

Don’t forget to recycle the bag when you get it!